18 Moving Tips to Make Relocation Easier

18 Moving Tips to Make Relocation Easier

If the thought of packing up and moving your home makes you cringe, you are certainly not alone. However, psyching yourself out ahead of time is not helping either. If you go into the relocation expecting it to be a stressful experience, then it likely will be. This is an exciting time. Relocating can actually be fun! If you follow these 18 moving tips you may be quite surprised at how smooth the experience is.

18 Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

1. Have your new home inspected. You cannot put a price on a quality home inspector. The last thing you need is to move into your new home and find out you have termites, mold, or cracks in the foundation.

Moving Tips - Moving boxes2. If you’re buying a new house, don’t take care of the closing process alone. Hire an attorney to ensure everything is done correctly. The peace-of-mind alone will help you sleep better.

3. Purchase homeowner’s and title insurance. If you already have a homeowner’s policy, you can transfer it and make necessary adjustments.

4. Make your final walkthrough count. Whether you have already relocated and are living in a hotel waiting for your home purchase to go through or if you simply flew into town to wrap up the paperwork, you need to be very thorough with your final walkthrough, no matter how tired, excited, or busy you might be. This is your last chance to find needed repairs and negotiate a closing credit.

5. Compare moving quotes and hire movers. If you are stressed about relocating, why would you take on the mental and physical burden of the move yourself?

6. Make sure you have enough insurance for the move. Your belongings will be covered by basic insurance, but this does not come close to covering what it would cost to replace electronics, antiques, heirlooms, or anything else of value.

7. Find a new doctor, dentist, and vet ahead of time. It is very reassuring to know you have someone to turn to should you need them right away.

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8. Make sure you have enough medication to get you through a couple of weeks. In many cases, you will be able to easily transfer prescriptions from one pharmacy to the next, but you shouldn’t have to deal with this until you are settled.

9. Schedule connect, disconnect, or transfer services with utility companies early. You should call and verify the week prior to the move, too.

10. Start disassembling large items early. You do not want to be forced to take apart a hot tub, swing set, and your home gym the last week before your move. Spread these big jobs out, and do not hesitate to bribe friends to help.

11. Start decluttering early. There is no point moving items you do not need or use. Sell or donate what you can, and trash the garbage. The more you get rid of the less you have to pack and unpack,which is one of the smartest moving tips to live by.

Free Digital Landing Moving Guide12. Have your car serviced. If you are relocating cross-country, you absolutely do not want to breakdown on the side of the road or get a flat and realize your spare has no air.

13. Pack a little every day. Packing seems like a monumental job because it is! This is especially true if you try to cram it into a couple days. Do one or two boxes every day. It will take minutes and hardly feel like work.

14. Find a child and/or pet sitter. You will be much more stressed while the movers are there, if you have to worry about your child getting hurt or the dog escaping out the front door.

15. Change your address at the post office or with Updater.com. This is the simplest, but most forgotten task. You can even do it a month ahead of time and schedule it for the right day.

16. Make sure you are certain your furniture will fit. Take measurements at your new home and then measure your furniture. There is no point paying for those pool table or piano movers, if the item is not even going to fit through the door or anywhere in the house.

17. Schedule trash pickup at your new house. If the company offers recycling, schedule this, too. When you have a pile of boxes and trash, you will be glad you did this ahead of time.

18. Pack an essentials box for everyone in the house. This should include some clothes, toiletries, healthy snacks, toys, and anything else needed to get through the first couple days, so you are not pressured to get completely unpacked right away.

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