13 Ways to Unclutter Your Life

Unclutter Your Life- Jessica Hume

We are surrounded by excess. We all have more than we need, including things we hold on to “just in case,” and things we use once and put aside. We offer these simple ways to unclutter your life and get organized.

Money is always an issue, but when you are laid off or retire it becomes a bigger issue. When you unclutter your life, you save money and make life easier. Odds are you have more in your life than you truly need and you just need to pare it down. We offer these handy ways that you can organize your life and save money at the same time.

Remove Financial Clutter

1. Credit Cards

Credit cards are debt, so get in the habit of paying for everything in cash and then you don’t need to worry about how to pay for something later. Work on paying off the existing credit cards, without adding to them.

2. Phones

If you have a home phone and a cell phone look at reducing the calling packages to what you use. Do you call long distance on your land line or roam with the cell phone? Do you use all of your minutes? What about your texts? Another thing to look at is how often do you use your cell to access the Internet. If you are not using everything you pay for, then reduce your package or look at alternatives. You can also reduce costs by making your phone more energy efficient.

3. Television

This is one way you can make a significant cut in your spending without affecting your lifestyle. You can look at ways to reduce your cable bill or by getting rid of it and going with one of the many cable alternatives that are available.

4. Internet

You can make drastic cuts in your Internet bill by taking a realistic look at your use. Don’t pay for more than what you use and look at these handy tips on saving on the Internet.

Remove Household Clutter

Unclutter Your Life - Starting with your Closet
Storing things you haven’t used in over a year? Might be time to sell it or ditch it, in order to uncluttering your life.

5. Remove the Junk

Go through the rooms of your house and clear out all the old stuff that is just sitting around. If you haven’t used it in one year or aren’t going to use it, then get rid of it. You can make some money off of it by selling it at a garage sale or online, at places like Craigslist and eBay.

6. Go Smaller

If you have unused rooms, then all they are doing is costing you money. You are paying to heat and cool space that you never use, these empty rooms also become convenient places to store things that you never use. Moving to a smaller place will force you to get rid of unnecessary items and save you on utilities.

7. Reuse

Stop buying disposable items. Think before you buy — sometimes going a little more expensive is better. Quality over quantity. Instead of buying a large package of disposable containers look at purchasing one container that can be used multiple times — it will save you both money and space — and the environment.

8. Stop Subscriptions

Do you actually read any of the magazines or newspapers that you get? If your just getting them for ideas or coupons, then stop it. You can find the same information online and you won’t have that expensive stack of paper costing you space or money.

Unclutter Your Life: Mind and Body

9. Be Active

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or run a marathon — just get up and do something. It can be something as simple as gardening or going for a walk. It’s good for you and relaxing, while giving you exercise.

10. Eat Healthy

Get away from the junk food for a while and you will be surprised how much better you feel. Don’t cut it out of your life, but reserve it for occasional treats. You will find you enjoy it more and eating healthier can actually save you money.

11. Think Positive

Look for the good side of things and you will appreciate what you have.

12. Don’t Stress

Stressing out will only make things worse. Remain calm, and think things through rationally. Life is not perfect and there will always be monkey wrenches. Stop looking at the big problems, start small and tackle what you can.

13. Relax

Take some time for yourself, doing something that you enjoy. Kick back and read a book, watch a movie or just listen to music. This ‘Me’ time lets you recharge your batteries and helps you gain a positive focus.

Whether you’ve been laid off, retired, or are just looking to unclutter your life, there are lots of ways you can simplify your life by organizing it. By taking the time to organize your life you may find that you’ve saved money and time, while becoming happier and possibly healthier.

Photo Credit: Jessica Hume