13 Best Christmas Apps for Your Family

Best Christmas Apps

Ready to ring in the holidays with the best Christmas apps around?

Celebrate the right way with these handy digital additions to your phone or tablet. If you are worried about what operating system you use, don’t fret — versions of these apps or very similar options are available across the brand board.

13 Best Christmas Apps to Try

All of these apps are free or in the $1┬árange, so don’t worry about extra expenses, either.
Christmas Cards - Best Christmas Apps

Red Stamp Cards

This app is for the serious digital card maker that wants far more than the basic, gaudy options the typical Internet card offers. You can choose templates and then customize them to your heart’s content with colors, photos, messages, and all sorts of other goodies. When you are finished, you can send the card as a phone download, a social media message, or an email to all your favorite people.

Cut the Rope

Holiday Gift: Cut the Rope is already a popular app game, but this holiday version offers a number of great benefits. First, it is a Christmas-oriented way to keep your older kids distracted – and it may give you some much-needed entertainment in the break room, too. The Holiday Gift model also lets you create customized gift cards and send them to people you know.


This is one of the many Yuletide countdown apps available for the holidays, and certainly one of the most popular. In classic, advent calendar fashion, this app includes a number of “boxes,” one to be opened each day as December begins. Jokes, songs, wallpapers and other goodies are waiting within each box, making this a great way to celebrate the season while also counting down to the big day.

Santa’s Bag

Spice up your Christmas shopping with this gift list app designed especially for parents and other busy people juggling multiple gift lists for their loved ones. You can create separate profiles for each person, set a budget, and track exactly what you bought or want to buy. For a more advanced version of this app for the suave mobile user, try out Gift It instead.
Christmas Recipes - Best Christmas Apps

Best Christmas Recipes

If you are looking for a Christmas recipe app that narrows your choices down to only the most tasty Christmas meals, look no further than this app. There are plenty of recipe options – about 300, actually, divided neatly between individual dishes for snack-type events and full meals that you can make over the holidays.

The NORAD Santa Tracker

There are plenty of Santa Trackers available in app form, but if any of them count as official, it surely has to be the NORAD Santa Tracker. This Santa Tracker is an interactive website that NORAD puts up each year to help kids and their parents check out where Santa is going and where he has been, according to all the most official estimates. It also includes games, missions and videos celebrating the event – and grows a little more complex each year. It is a great toy to use for an iPad or other larger screen.

Talk With Santa

This is a great little interactive app for your youngsters who may get a little fidgety or bored around some of the holiday functions. It creates an interactive Santa that you can talk to – and who talks back. You can also play tricks on him and annoy him, but not to worry – some digital milk and cookies will cheer him up again. There are also other elements that let kids their own Christmas cards (a running theme for holiday apps these days.)
Best Christmas Apps - Christmas Music App

Christmas Music

Yes, you could just make a playlist or turn to the right channel on Spotify, Pandora, or your other favorite music-streaming service. But if you want to make things a little more interesting, download the Christmas Music app instead. This app allows you to download thousands of Christmas songs for free — all versions from new artists or without legal caveats that let you listen absolutely free. Browse around, create a unique and enormous playlist for the holidays, and share recommendations with your friends using this app.

Christmas Tale HD

Although, a few years old, this is one of the best Christmas Apps around for your kids. It features a plethora of fun Christmas stories to entertain, an in-app wish list that kids can use to create their list and send it to Santa whenever they want, and a lot of beautiful visuals that work great on tablets but are suitable for smartphones, too. Kids can also decorate and save their own little digital tree – some excellent experience before they are ready to tackle the real thing!

Sing Along Christmas Carols

For the carolistic best Christmas apps, look into options like the Sing Along Christmas Carols applications, which offers both a free and pay-for version of the karaoke-like app. For the free version you only get a maximum of five popular Christmas songs, and that is only if you review the app. The paid version is five dollars, but you get up to 50 Christmas carols to sing with your friends, so it may be worth it. If you want a more kid-oriented, family-fun app, try Karaoke for Kids – Christmas Carols instead, which includes a handy option to record the audio of your favorite song.

Yummy Christmas

Yes, this is another cooking app, but it has an interesting twist. Instead of just providing you with the best recipes, this app actually focuses on the best Christmas dishes for your kids. Its very simple recipes allow your kids to help make Christmas snack for your next get-together. Not only is it a fun way to celebrate with the family, it can also help start teaching your children valuable Christmas skills.

Letters From Santa

This very simple app does only one thing, but it does it well. Use this app to help your children compose a letter to Santa Claus and then send it off when they are done. The app will automatically generate a response from Santa with details about what is going on in the North Pole and encouragement to be on the best behavior possible for Christmas.

Secret Santa

Oh, Secret Santa. This go-to office traditional is often worn out, and may cause more stress than anything else. Picking the right gift for a random coworker, without actually being able to ask them what they want, may not be an easy task. You could pick out a boring, generic gift…or you could choose to use the Secret Santa Tombola. Pick out the gender, type of gift, and spending limit. The app then comes up with a randomized recommended gift. You can continue asking the app for randomized gifts in your category until you find just the right version — and then you can instantly visit the appropriate web page and buy it.