120 Sports Hopes to Keep Cord Cutters Connected With Sports


Time Inc., along with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, joined forces to launch 120sports.com last week. The concept is that each video segment is 120 seconds long, helping you get caught up on the day’s sports stories fast and easily. Campus Insiders and Silver Chalice, another digital sports media company, is also involved.

120 Sports: A Partnership Like No Other

Essentially, the site features a ton of on demand video of sports highlights and opinion pieces for tons of sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, college football and basketball, and golf. Unfortunately, the company is still in negotiations with the NFL, in hopes of providing video coverage of the most popular sport in America.

One of the more intriguing aspects of this start-up is that they’ll be providing eight hours of live daily programming as well, from 6pm to 2am ET.

Online video streaming - 120sports.comReaders of Digital Landing understand how important online video has become to the consumer, with sites like Netflix and Hulu providing streaming entertainment, while sites like Yahoo! and CNN provide streaming news. Even the major sports organizations are creating their own video streaming content.

“120, we believe, is a television-quality sports network that’s created exclusively for digital audiences,” said Jason Coyle, President of 120 Sports, to Mashable.com. “News, highlights, live look-ins, analysis, conversations moving at the speed of Twitter, sport to sport, topic to topic, 120 seconds at a time.”

It’s a free app available for mobile devices (coming to the Google Play store in mid-July), and the videos load and play quite easily on the iPhone app.

The site and app is completely ad supported, which means it’s free and unobtrusive for viewers.  And the hosts are not allowed to wear suits on camera. It’s a very light, approachable look that these videos are meant to have.

Assorted Features on 120Sports.com

Timeline: By going to the Timeline, you’ll jump right into their live broadcast, or see their most recent videos.

Catch-Up: This is the best way to bounce through all of the best on-demand sports videos of the day. The biggest stories of the day find themselves here.

Trending: Obviously, these are the most talked-about subjects in the sports world, and users can “follow” them to gte personalized notifications when new content on the subject is available.

Following: Once you choose the sports, teams and topics you want to follow, you’ll be able to go here to see all the content, new and old, available. This also works for your mobile devices, too.

In this day and age, with 140-character tweets, six-second Vines and hashtags conveying thoughts and feelings on subjects in as few characters as possible – 120 Sports makes a lot of sense for this generation of sports fans.