12 Great Apps to Help Save Money


Whether you are shopping for the holidays, a birthday, or just yourself, these are some great apps to help save money.

Retail Shopping Apps to Help Save Money


A great program that will show you all the latest fliers from your favorite stores. You won’t forget about that item on sale because you can now digitally ‘clip’ a sales item from your local flier and have it sitting on your shopping list. It also has a convenient ‘discount finder’ bar that lets you that lets you view deals by their percentage off.


Your probably familiar with the website, but they also have a convenient app. Pricegrabber lets you brows by product category or keyword to compare prices from various merchants. The app also lets you scan a barcode so you can see how much it costs online.


This handy app not only lets you save money, but also make it by giving you cash back when you shop through their website. Access many big name stores and specialty retailers through their app and shop like you normally would. Each store offers a different percentage, but they all pay you a little something back which can be sent via check, deposited into a Paypal account, or donated to charity. The app also give you access to exclusive Ebates members only deals, sales and coupons.


This handy program lets you compare prices at local retailers and online while you are out shopping. Use your smartphone camera to scan barcodes of products you are interested and within seconds you will see how much the same product costs online or at nearby stores.


A simple program that lets you browse products and discover great deals at some of the most popular retailers. Users earn points by making purchases, inviting friends to join, and sometimes even by just walking into the stores. The earned points can then be turned into gift cars at these retailers and you can start the process all over again.


A coupon sit for all the hot and trendy stores. Find a coupon you like and save it then present it on your smartphone at checkout. Saving money couldn’t be easier.


Similar to the other coupon sites it has one advantage is that it lets you take pictures of printed coupons and turns them into digital ones that you can flash at the register.

Apps for Saving Money On Groceries

Grocery IQ
This app goes one step further, letting you compile your grocery list and then scouring the town to find you the best deals on your groceries. You can build your list by going through their massive online database or scanning the barcode of the item you need. This also connects with Coupons.com to improve your deals.


Works just like Flipp, but for your groceries. It compiles all of your weekly circulars and lets you compile a grocery list based off of the sales. This program also lets you add coupons for individual items so you have everything compiled in one neat place.


Don’t waste your time clipping coupons that you are just going to forget at home next time you go shopping, download this free app instead. They give you access to hundreds of online coupons, discount codes and other deals. Using the program is easy, simply pull up the coupon and show your phone at the checkout.

Other Money-Saving Apps


A favorite for many people — this app is very easy to use and lets you find the best gas prices in your area.


This is the site to watch when shopping for any type of technology. They have great deals submitted by users all over the country including both in-store and online sales. This is also a great way to find coupons and deals before shopping for technology products.

No matter what you are shopping for, you want to save money, thesehandy apps to help save money will help you do just that.

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