11 Best Netflix Sites To Give Great Recommendations


Have you ever found yourself wondering if Netflix has “too much of a good thing?” With thousands of movies and TV shows, it’s often difficult to find something great to watch on Netflix. While Netflix does offer recommendations that the company says are based on your prior viewing habits, ratings and preferences, sometimes their suggestions seem completely off base. Digital Landing brings you the complete details on the top 11 Netflix sites to help you find something good to watch on Netflix — fast!

11 Netflix Sites to Help You Find What to Watch

Digital Landing brings you the complete details on the top 11 Netflix sites to help you find something good to watch on Netflix — fast!

With Netflix Roulette, users spin the wheel, literally, and find something great, and possibly random, to watch on Netflix! With this site, you can filter your recommendations by several preferences, including genre, the actor or director’s name, rating, keyword, or no filters at all. The site also allows you to choose recommendations for TV shows, movies, or both. Once you’ve selected your preferences, just click “Spin” and receive a recommendation, if you don’t like the choice, just click “Spin” again. This site introduces elements of fun and surprise to finding something good to watch on Netflix. Some people enjoy this site so much that they regularly invite their friends over to “spin the wheel” and then together will watch whatever random program the site has chosen for them.

Goodfil.ms is a new site that allows users to find and share great programs to stream, whether the title is on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Hulu Plus or Amazon. Users can sign up for a free account with their email address, or one of these social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Netflix. If a user signs up with a Netflix account, the sites will sync content, queues, ratings and recommendations. The site allows users to filter recommendations several ways, including by their unique interactive graph that instantly shows any titles popularity and ratings, and you can learn more about the site by reading our Goodfilms Streaming article.

Rotten Tomatoes provides a separate ratings section for Netflix, which allows users to instantly good movies and shows to watch on Netflixsee at a glance. Users can sort by various genres, release date, critics ratings and more.

A Good Movie to Watch is another site that provides recommendations for users. Users can get random suggestions, staff picks, as well as custom suggestions based on various genres and preferences. The site specializes in finding good, but little known, “hidden gems” to watch. A drawback to this site is that not all the movies that it suggests are available for streaming. The site Can I Stream It solves this difficulty; just copy and paste the name of the film suggestion and click search and the site will tell you where it’s available via streaming. Using these two sites together, you can find great programming, whether it’s on Netflix or another popular streaming service.

3 Sites that Tell You What’s New on Netflix

There are actually three Netflix sites that do a pretty good job of telling users what is new on Netflix.

Netflix USA is a blog that lists the newest movies and TV shows now available on Netflix within the past five days. The site also lists whether the title is available in Canada, the U.S. or both, which is particularly helpful for users who live on the border between the two countries.

What’s New on Netflix also provides a list of Netflix’s new movies and shows, that is updated daily and that users can quickly search based on release date, year, and even it’s ranking on Rotten Tomatoes.

Instant Watcher also provides a list of what’s new and noteworthy on Netflix, as well as shows users the most popular titles on Netflix for the past 24 hours, last hour, and top titles queued in the last 16 minutes. Users can also sort by genre, as well as how highly the title was rated by NYT critics and Rotten Tomatoes Fresh.

3 Apps That Make Browsing Netflix Easier

There are three Chrome extensions that help users browse their Netflix account more easily. Rotten Netflix overlays ratings from Rotten Tomatoes onto a user’s Netflix account. Users hover over a title and see its ratings. Another Chrome extension allows users to add IMBD ratings to their Netflix account. Play Random Episode is another Chrome app that will help Netflix users to play a random episode from their favorite shows, as long as there are at least two available episodes for the program.

Quick Tricks to Tweak Netflix’s Recommendations

In addition to the top 11 best Netflix sites, we have a few tips that anyone can use to improve the recommendations that Netflix provides.

Create separate profiles for the different users of your Netflix account. Netflix knows that several friends or family members may share the same account. Just because you may share an account with others, however, it doesn’t mean that all of you share the same viewing preferences. So, do everyone a favor and create a viewing profile for each user. This way, when your teenager binge watches all episodes of the Vampire Diaries and Dr. Who, Netflix won’t use this information and stop recommending your favorite sub-genres, whether it’s the latest cerebral British time period drama, heartbreaking war movie or Kung Fu action flick.

Has it been awhile since you first created your account and set your taste preferences? Hover over your name and go to My Account and then Preferences and make certain that your preferences haven’t changed, or rate more taste preferences. This one step can make a huge difference in what Netflix recommends for you. Rating more movies will also improve the recommendations that Netflix makes to you, and when you search, be certain to sort your search list by what’s most important to you, from release year, sub-genre, to highest rated, there are several ways to filter the recommendations that Netflix makes.

Let us know in the comments section below if these Netflix sites helped, or if you know of other sites that make it easier to use Netflix!