10 Interesting Things About Netflix You Might Not Know


The following article dealing with interesting facts about Netflix has been brewing in my mind for the past couple months. I thought I’d share some interesting things you might already know, but I hope at least a few items in here will be new to you, and you’ll be able to use it to help you enjoy Netflix even more.

I work from home. So during the day, when I’m writing and editing, I invariably have the television on, with random reruns in the morning. But in the daytime, I like to put on Netflix and watch a TV show I’ve already seen from the beginning. It’s great background noise!

In my research to find things I want to watch, new and old, I’ve come across stuff you should know.

10 Interesting Things About Netflix

1. With over 33 million subscribers, Netflix outranks any U.S. Cable TV network.

2. There are over 76,000 subgenres, and the most popular ones have the term “about marriage” in them.

3. The average subscriber watches nearly 90 minutes of programming on Netflix per day.

4. During prime time each night, Netflix instant streaming accounts for one-third of all U.S. Internet traffic, and it’s the single largest Internet-traffic hog at that time.

5. “Breaking Bad” is the service’s most watched show.

6. They consider themselves more of a premium channel than a service. They offer popular programming, accessed with a monthly subscription, and they have original programs as well — just like HBO. As a matter of fact, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said his goal was to become HBO faster than HBO becomes Netflix.

7. Netflix is actually more interested in what you are watching than your ratings. They’ll use this information to not only figure out what to suggest for you next, but also to help create some of their original content. For instance, people liked David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, so Netflix signed them to their “House of Cards” project.

8. At one point in 2000, Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million, but they passed. Netflix is now worth $20 billion, and Blockbuster is bankrupt. It’s interesting, also that Hastings came up with the Netflix idea when he had to pay $40 in late fees to Blockbuster for “Apollo 13.”

9. You can install a Google Chrome extension for Rotten Tomatoes called, “Netflix Rate,” which shares critics’ ratings and helps you decide what to watch next on Netflix.

10. If you enter “Example Show” in the search field, you’ll see the test movie Netflix created to test out standard film frame rates.

There is undoubtedly dozens of other interesting things about Netflix we should know — that we just haven’t learned yet. Maybe one day, there will be a movie about Netflix — and we can watch it on Netflix! It will likely create some sort of wrinkle in time!