10 Great Tech Gifts for Men

Great Tech Gifts For Men

Whether your father is a full-fledged geek or just likes playing with gadgets we’ve got him covered with these 10 great tech gifts for men.

Father’s Day is here and if your father is like mine, then you don’t have a clue what to get for him. Ties are the traditional fail safe gift, but those don’t work for everyone. My father only wears ties for funerals and weddings, and even then it’s off as soon as possible. In reality, very few of us have dads that fit the stereotypical mold. None of us grew up in the Cleaver household with Ward as our father, and we are probably more familiar with the family from “That 70’s Show,” with a dad more like Red Forman.

This Father’s Day, you need to find something that’s unique and useful for dad. I’ve dug around and found what I think are some of the more interestingly useful tech gifts for dads from all walks of life.

10 Great Tech Gifts For Men

1. Kindle Fire HD

This is the perfect gift for any father. The reader has access to thousands of online books, the socializer has access to their favorite social media, and the movie fanatic can surf through thousands of available movies and TV shows. The beauty of this is its portability and functionality. They can take it with them anywhere to use as a camera, a portable music player, or even to make video calls with an available Wi-Fi connection.

2. Griffin Extreme-duty case for the new iPad

This heavy duty iPad case is perfect to protect your father’s iPad from extreme conditions. This has been tested to survive everything from a six-foot drop to blown sand. They built this to meet conditions outlined in US Department of Defense, so you know it’s made to last.

3. iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

Cleaning gutters is never fun or quick. Hours are wasted placing and climbing the ladder, then struggling to maintain balance while pulling out a year’s worth of debris accumulation. Then you have to climb down the ladder and repeat the process a few feet away. The “Looj by iRobot” eliminates most of that by doing it for you. Just climb the ladder once, put the robot down and send him on his merry way. When he’s done you just push the button to call him back. You couldn’t make it any easier for dad. (Well, unless you want to clean the gutters yourself.)

4. FlashForge 3D printer

Yeah, at over $1,000, it might be more than you were looking to spend on dad, but just think of all the fun he could have making his own 3-D models and prototypes. The only limitations is his imagination. Toys, jewelry, mugs — his ideas can become solid. And the best thing is that you can always borrow it.

5. Syma R/C Helicopter

Everyone loves flying and crashing remote controlled helicopters. Your father will have a fantastic time chasing the cat, terrifying a bird or buzzing your mom. This goes way beyond the boring remote control cars of his youth.

6. SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer

If your father is a golfer, then forget about getting him new clubs or balls — this is the gift he can really use! This attaches to his club and — via a Bluetooth connection — will send a 3D analysis of his swing. By providing a 3D video, it will let him know his strengths and weaknesses and how he can improve his game.

7. PYLE-HOME Retro Turntable with USB

Does dad have a pile of 33s or 45s lying around? Are some of them so “unique,” that he’ll never find them on MP3? Well then, you can help him by getting him a turntable that can connect to a computer, so they can be converted into digital format. He can turn a stack of albums into a portable digital library. However, if he still insists on going old school, this attractive turntable can also be connected to his surround sound system.

8. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black

This is great for the dad that is trying to get in shape or the one who wants to stay there. This cool little bracelet tracks the distance walked, and the calories burned. It even monitors your sleep cycle and can wake you up without a blaring alarm. This helps anyone track their progress on the way to fitness.

9. Radio Controlled Cooler

He can sit back and not miss a minute of the game as he passes a beer to his friends. In fact, they all might fight over who gets to pass the next beer.

10. Roku 3 Streaming Player

Any avid movie watcher would be delighted to receive one of these. The Roku is one of the best HD video streaming players out there and unlike many of the others, the Roku 3 has a headphone jack, allowing dad to watch his favorite war movies without aggravating mom.

This Father’s Day, ignore the traditional gifts and get something that truly represents your dad. Even if it’s not for Father’s Day, these great tech gifts for men will work at any time of year.


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