Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

You’ve done most of your shopping and now it’s the final stretch, all you need now is some stocking stuffer ideas.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Mini Batman Signal
The fellas at understand how much a comic book lover would go nuts over having his own mini Batman signal available at all times.

Stocking Stuffers should be small and relatively inexpensive. You already spent big bucks on some great gifts, the stocking should just be little things that aren’t worth wrapping. They are the warm up for the real presents under the tree.

The little kids are easy — you can always find some small toys at the dollar store. Cars, stuffed animals and coloring books are just a few of the basics you can easily find. In fact, for little kids it doesn’t really matter what you put in there, they are delighted just to get it. As the kids get older it becomes more difficult, many people just stuff them with candy, magazines and cheap video games. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it gets boring and predictable.

Stocking stuffers can be cute, useful or just plain fun. They can be gag gifts or serio
us. We have scoured the web for some of the best stocking stuffing ideas for the young and old, male or female.

Great Items Under $5

If you have a large family then this is probably the list for you. Even if you only put five items in each stocking then that is around $100 spent for four stockings worth of trivial stuff.

1. Slingshot Flying Pig With Oink Sound

You can pull it back and watch the pigs fly over 50 feet. Now pigs can fly!

2. Silly Putty

All ages have fun with this. It can be pulled and stretched or bounced across the room. Many of us grew up using it to copy comics, which we then stretch out of shape. Put this in an anyone’s stocking and it will bring them amusement.

3. Zero-gravity Fridge Rover

This amazing little wind-up toy appears to defy gravity as it climbs up the fridge. An amusement for both young and old.

4. Mustache Drink Markers

We’ve all gone to a party where everyone uses the same cup and the only way to figure out which is yours is by writing on it. Well, now it can be more original — people can personalize their drink with a ‘stache. The party organizer in your family will love this!

5. Farting Pen

If bodily functions amuse your family, then they will get a kick out of this every time it goes off.

Awesome Gifts under $10

So you want something a little more advanced? Well, that means you need to spend a little more money, but you still don’t need to break the bank. This list includes stuff for your techie, your geek and your hobbyist.

1. Joystick-IT

They can now add joystick action to their iPhone games — also available for the iPad.

2. Staple-less Stapler

Perfect for the office or at home, now they won’t run out of staples or break nails trying to remove them. It puts a small hole in the papers and presses them through each other. This is useful and fun (at least for a while).

3. Mini Bat Signal

Now the comic book lover can signal his favorite character from his desk!

4. Laser Guided Scissors

Great stocking stuffer for the crafter in your family. With this laser guide anyone can cut a straight line (or so we hope.) This will work with paper or fabric.

5. Simplest Motor

A simple motor that anyone can build themselves. Great for the budding mechanic or science geek.

Another great stocking stuffer idea is a gift cards. A gift card from the Apple Store will be great with an existing iPhone or iPad. They can buy accessories or applications with it. Just don’t put the gift card in the stocking if the device is still under the tree, you don’t want to give the secret away too soon. A small gift card for Starbucks, or even McDonald’s is also usually appreciated in a stocking. Gift cards work for almost everyone.

Just don’t go overboard, after all you don’t want them to be disappointed when it comes time to open the real gifts. You don’t need to go hog-wild on the little things — it will all be appreciated.

Of course, other stocking stuffer ideas include the standards such as magazine, puzzle books, lip gloss, and maybe some candy. My family tradition growing up was to include a mandarin orange and a candy cane. What are some of the traditional items your family puts in the stocking? We’d love to hear it. Tweet us @DigitalLanding or post on our Facebook page!