10 British Shows to Try on Netflix


Yesterday, I shared my “American Guide to Watching British TV Shows on Netflix,” so I thought today, I’d give you 10 British TV shows you should give a try!

Some of these shows are dramas and some are comedies, but all are entertaining and worthy of some binge watching on Netflix.

10 British Shows to Try on Netflix

Remember that most British shows have very short seasons (usually six episodes), which Americans will like for a short night of binge watching, where you can knock out an entire season with one big bowl of popcorn.

The Office (UK) — 15 episodes

You are likely already familiar with this show on American TV, but there are some pretty good differences to the British version. I genuinely like both shows, but when the American version came out, I was pretty upset because it just didn’t have the same bite as the UK version. The names of the characters are all different, but you’ll learn to love/hate David Brent as the UK’s Michael Scott. And Dwight Schrute’s counterpart, Gareth Keenan is just fantastically annoying.

The IT Crowd — 25 episodes

Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids”) plays the main character, along with Richard Ayoade, who has a little bit of Sheldon Cooper in him from “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s about an IT department at a British company, and if you’ve ever worked in an office, the first episode is filled with things that make you want to punch your IT guys. “Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Uh … okay, well, the button on the side, is it glowing? Yeah, you need to turn it on… uh, the button turns it on… yeah, you do know how a button works don’t you? No, not on clothes.”

Sherlock Holmes — 9 episodes

I mentioned this show yesterday, which I’ve recently grown to love. It’s basically a modern version of the great Sherlock Holmes stories, set in modern-day London. The character of “Watson” is played by Martin Freeman, who Americans will know as “Lester Nygaard” from “Fargo,” and Brits will know him as “Tim” from “The Office,” which is the “Jim” character from the American version of the show.

Peep Show — 48 episodes

In all honesty, I haven’t watched this yet, but it is in my queue — hey, that’s British for “line”! I’ve heard great things about this show, which is supposed to be a great roommate comedy.

Luther –14 episodes

Fans of the American version of “The Office” will know Luther (Idris Elba) as “Charles,” who worked as Michael Scott’s boss for the 2009 season. “Luther” is not a comedy, however, but he is a detective that solves some tough crimes.

Dr. Who — 100 episodes

This show has been around for decades, but this particular version has only been going since 2005, with the Ninth through Twelfth Doctors. Yeah, with 100 episodes — this is quite a commitment! Sci-Fi lovers can’t get enough of it, though.

Fawlty Towers — 12 episodes

This is a classic British comedy from back in 1975, with Basil Fawlty and his wife trying to run their Fawlty Towers Hotel in spite of many problems that pop up.

Blackadder — 24 episodes

Rowan Atkinson has been cracking up Americans for a few years with his Mr. Bean character and his role in movies like, “The Rat Race.” But in the mid-’80s, he played Edmund Blackadder, whose misfortunes happen throughout British history. Each season has him in a different time period under a different British family dynasty.

Little Britain — 13 episodes

If you like sketch comedy, you will absolutely love this show. Much like Saturday Night Live, many of the characters are recurring characters that get themselves into different types of trouble.

The Inbetweeners — 18 episodes

This is a great show about adolescence and the rise through puberty for a set of teenagers trying to get through life as the not-so-cool group. It’s not a kids show, by any means, but it’s great entertainment!

We hope you liked this list of British shows to try on Netflix. They keep coming up with great shows, and the summer months is the perfect time to try some out in America.